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Are you thinking of taking your preschooler to a Christmas show or a character show in our Raleigh area?  Having some reservations of how you are going to manage this fun experience without making it too stressful?  Check out the tips that this Raleigh Mom shares on how to prepare your preschooler for a big Holiday show.


Preparing to take a Preschooler to a Holiday Show

As with any event planned to include a preschooler, some planning and effort is required to ensure a fun and pleasurable time is shared by all.  The holidays are upon us and I wanted to share a few tips to pull off attending an event without too many hiccups (with ages 3 & 4 always leave room for child-tailored amusement and entertainment.):

1.  How To Select The Show

Select a show that you know your child will be highly interested in. Consider the target age group of the performance, your child’s interests and length of time they typically attend when entertained.

2. Timing is Everything

Once you’ve decided on a show, review the time offerings and select a good time.  Think of your child’s temperament, schedule/routine, etc.  For example, for my three-year-old, the best time is before her nap, ideally mid-morning.

3.  Don’t Forget the Tickets

Simple enough but don’t forget to purchase your tickets.  I usually select the print at home option although some venues can scan the barcode of your ticket directly from your smartphone.  As a minor mention, I typically choose seats on the end of a row for easy access to the aisle for those inevitable bathroom breaks.

4.  Dressing Up for the Show

Disney on Ice PosterNow the fun begins, you’ve purchased your tickets and you get to prepare for the show. My daughter is currently a tad bit Frozen-obsessed so taking her to the Disney on Ice: 100 Years of Magic Show was a special treat.  We were out shopping one day at our local Target and she found an Elsa dress on clearance (double points for her).  Since she has most things Frozen, she’ll be able to easily accessorize.  Note:  I typically do not tell my daughter specifics of an upcoming event until it’s closer to the date.  She may know that she is attending a “special surprise show” but that it is.  I think we both love the suspense and her reaction when we arrive to the show is priceless.

5.  Pack the Showtime Goodies

2015-21-12--17-11-10It’s show time!  Prior to the day of the show, it is a good idea to gather a few items that will make a smooth and happy outing.  Some that I have found useful are:  wipes, napkins and small snacks.  I also try to remember cash for parking which varies per venue.




Toni at Disney on IceSouvenir spending money is also optional to prepare for a show.  Most family/children events have a host of alluring items that your child may not need but they will surely ask for at least one item.  It’s also a good idea to take a pre- and after-show pics.






Now, it’s time to relax & enjoy the show with your little one. Remember that is it okay for you child to be a child.  For a preschooler, it’s expected that they will talk, sing along or even stand up throughout the show.  After the show, be sure to ask questions to help them evaluate and verbally communicate their enjoyment and encourage details.


IMG_6415_2Ready to take your preschooler to their first big Holiday Show?  Check out these family shows going on in the Raleigh area.

The Nutcracker – Carolina Ballet. Dec. 18th-27th. Memorial Auditorium, Raleigh.

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer: The Musical. runs until Dec. 30th. Fletcher Opera Theater, Duke Energy Center for Performing Arts, Raleigh.

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