Go Ape Zip Line & Treetop Adventure, Raleigh, NC

raleigh ziplining go apeMy daughter and I are traveling to Belize in June for mission work and she has chosen ziplining for our excursion day. What’s wrong with cave tubing? I wasn’t sure I could do ziplining high in the rainforest so I thought I’d try something similar here at home in Raleigh and just see how I’d do.

We found Go Ape Zip Line and Treetop Adventure at Blue Jay Point County Park. You must be 10 years old and 4’7″, and I would highly recommend you following those rules. The coarse needs the leg length and mature determination.

The ziplining was the easiest part! The rope course in the treetops was the challenge. But totally appropriate for my 10 year old while still being a challenge for adults.

My Tips

Get the early time slot, less people before and behind so you can take your time.

Check the weather before you book. Go Ape runs rain or shine (no lighting or high wind).

Bring gloves or buy them there for a couple dollars.

Don’t over think it, take the first step and get going.

The ladders up are the worst part, get up the first climb and you are good to go.

Pack some bug spray. No need for water bottles unless you can attach it to you. There are water stations around.

And in true zip line lingo- Always Stay Attached.


My Daughter’s Tips (10 years old):

Don’t look down, focus on the next tree.

It doesn’t matter what course you are on, believe in yourself.

The zip line is your reward at the end of each phase. (I agree!)


raleigh ziplining go apeThere are 5 phases including the training course. Each phase starts with a ladder climb and offers several treetop challenges (Tarzan swings, cross on wire or wooden steps in all different shapes and difficulties, etc.). We completed the first 3. We could have done the last 2, but we didn’t have gloves and our hands were getting sore and I thought we were getting a little tired and wanted to leave on a good note. I’d conquered my fear and uncertainty! (I’ll add it was a great workout! I was a little sore the next day.)

Our instructor Matt was awesome! Not only was he very knowledgable and trustworthy while training and getting us in our safety harnesses, he was very encouraging and took a little extra time with us (me) at the beginning. I was sure to tip him at the end. Tipping wasn’t suggested, but well deserved.

Rates: Children 10-15 $38.76, 16 and up $59. 71

I’d love to hear about ziplining and treetop adventures!


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